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Programs Overview

The DC Center for Global Education and Leadership was created to expand opportunities for DC public school students to learn about, prepare for, and involve themselves in the larger world community.

Partner Programs

CGEL promotes high quality programs offered through partners, and through its Partner Collaborative encourages a coordinated approach to the design and delivery of these programs.

We share information with schools about programs, resources, and opportunities currently available. Check our website frequently for notices of the latest global education opportunities, and sign up for our e-newsletter for regular updates from CGEL. Interested educators should join our Global Educators Network to receive Global Alerts.

We plan to release our first report on Partner Programs, including a directory of programs available to DC students and educators, in spring 2010.

CGEL continuously works to encourage more individuals and organizations to participate in this effort to connect students to the world. We are always happy to offer guidance in program design, assist with marketing, and facilitate connections with those students and educators who can benefit.

CGEL-Sponsored Programs

CGEL will also develop a menu of its own programs, in collaboration with partners, to help fill gaps in global education and world language offerings available to DCPS students, educators, and school communities. Our focus will be on out-of-school time programs.

CGEL Programs for the 2009-10 school year are:

  • DC China Scholars Program
  • China Initiative
  • International Teacher Exchange
  • Global DC Initiative

Get Involved!

Planning for future CGEL programs will begin during winter 2010. Please check back to learn about working groups and other ways to get involved in CGEL programs.

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