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Partner Collaborative Overview

The CGEL Partner Collaborative is a community of those organizations (international organizations, public agencies, embassies, universities, businesses, cultural institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and others) committed to working through CGEL to develop a strategic approach to expanding and improving global education for DCPS students.  It will serve as a forum for partner communication, coordination, and advocacy; an incubator for new ideas and collaborative planning; as well as a vehicle for more effective and efficient interaction with DCPS.  Through the Collaborative, CGEL will benefit from the ongoing input and involvement of partner organizations, and create the opportunity to improve and expand resources within a larger strategic framework that will serve students more equitably, effectively, and efficiently.  

Being part of the CGEL Partner Collaborative means being part of a great group of people and organizations united by one common concern – that all young people in the District of Columbia should have access to quality global education.  It means engaging with like-minded people to share ideas and experiences, to collaborate where possible, and to join forces in raising awareness of the critical importance of global education in preparing DCPS students for success in the 21st century.  The CGEL Partner Collaborative is intended to enhance, rather than supplant the work of each individual partner.


Any organization (for-profit, non-profit, government) which provides free or nominally free services or products which advance global education in DC Public Schools.

Requirements for Member Organizations

Members of the Collaborative commit to advance the mission of CGEL in a manner appropriate to their specific organizational missions and capacities.  This means committing to:

  • Contribute to the advancement of global education in DCPS in some tangible way through free or almost free services.  Each partner will provide CGEL with information on these educational activities or contributions, to be included in an annual public report.  The scope and type of activities will range broadly between organizations.
  • Support CGEL’s strategic vision and systemic approach focused on DCPS reform (and DC reform, more broadly).
  • Support the organizational development of CGEL itself, such as attendance at meetings, participation in working groups, assistance with resource development, providing volunteer services, sharing information, and/or recruitment of new partners.

Benefits for Member Organizations

  • Link from CGEL website
  • Inclusion in Partner Directory and other documents and reports
  • Opportunities to learn about, learn from, and network with other organizations
  • Access to the latest information on global education issues in DC
  • Facilitation in relationship with DCPS
  • Help with marketing programs
  • Collective voice and joint efforts to advance global education
  • Opportunity to coordinate services and benefit from best practices

Refer to the Partner Collaborative FAQ for additional information.

Interested in joining our Partner Collaborative? 

If you represent an organization, agency, or business that wishes to join, please complete the Partner Signup Form (pdf / doc), and e-mail to sally@dc-cgel.org.  Or simply contact Sally Schwartz at sally@dc-cgel.org or 202-362-2152 to discuss.

Please spread word of the CGEL Partner Collaborative to all others you believe would have an interest.

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