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CGEL is a new organization with big plans and an even bigger vision. The year 2010 will be a critical time for us, as we work to build a vibrant, effective, and sustainable nonprofit organization capable of making a real difference in the lives of DC students. We have many ways for you to get involved:

Leadership Roles:

CGEL is still in the process of building a strong Board of Directors and Advisory Council. We will be adding individuals with special expertise and perspectives, a passion for the mission of the organization, and a commitment to serve in a leadership capacity. We are currently seeking individuals with public relations, business, financial, fundraising, technology, graphic arts, and real estate experience.

Support Teams:

These volunteer committees support the CGEL staff by providing expertise and assistance in implementing vital administrative functions of the organization. CGEL currently seeks volunteers to help with:

  • Technology: The smart use of technology will be critical in so many ways for the successful development of CGEL. Volunteers are needed to assist the Executive Director in the introduction and maintenance of a variety of new technology tools, and in thinking about creative ways to use technology in the design of our future student and teacher programs.
  • Fundraising: Securing sufficient seed funding and resources to support the development of a viable organization, capable of fulfilling its mission and long-term goals, will be a critical priority in the coming two years. This group will work with the Executive Director and the Board in the design and implementation of CGEL’s comprehensive fundraising strategy.

Working Groups:

Working groups will provide support to CGEL on important program objectives. Currently, we seek individuals with the background, time, and interest to serve in the following groups:

  • Research Team: The first objective of CGEL is to serve as a clearinghouse for information on global education in DC. We have a range of important research tasks to conduct, including identification of local and internet-based global education resources, documentation of partner and school activities, and preparation of key reports.
  • International High School: Plans are currently being developed by CGEL for a new DC public high school for diplomacy and global citizenship. This will require significant research, outreach, and planning.
  • Global DC Initiative: This working group will support our important Global DC Initiative, funded through the Longview Foundation/Asia Society, designed to understand the current state of global education in DC and to engage our various stakeholders in creating a new vision for globalizing public education in DC. We need volunteers representing all segments of our community, including teachers, parents, students, partners, young professionals, and members of the business community.
  • DC China Initiative: We seek volunteers with a background or interest in China and the Chinese language to join this working group, which will support both our China Scholars Program for DCPS high school students, as well as Chinese programs within DCPS.

Other Area Studies Initiatives (Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America) and other content-focused working groups will be organized later in 2010. If you have a special interest or access to resources associated with a particular cultural or geographic region, and would like to be involved, please contact sally@dc-cgel.org, with all pertinent details, so that we can contact you at a later date.

Administrative Assistance:

Not interested in group work? We can use volunteers to assist with a variety of administrative tasks vital to the functioning and growth of CGEL.

To volunteer, contact Sally Schwartz at sally@dc-cgel.org or 202-362-2152.

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