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Educators Overview

"The critical role of teachers in internationalizing P-12 education has never been clearer, yet today’s educators rarely begin their careers with the deep knowledge and robust skills necessary to bring the world into their classrooms.”

Teacher Preparation for the Global Age: The Imperative for Change
Longview Foundation Report (2008)

In large part, the DC Center for Global Education and Leadership was created in response to the demand from many DCPS teachers for more information and more sustained support for their efforts, not only to bring global learning into their classrooms and schools, but also to enhance their own professional development as global educators.

DC Public Schools and DC schools in general boast an extraordinary concentration of globally experienced and knowledgeable teachers – from a variety of backgrounds. But teachers are too often isolated in their individual classrooms, unaware of colleagues across the city who share similar interests and a common commitment to global teaching. CGEL will work to identify our city’s global educators, to celebrate and support their work, and to create opportunities for them to meet, and to share ideas, experiences, and best practices.

Our focus will be on building a strong citywide network of global educators, and on discovering and reporting all that is going on globally in K-12 education in DC. CGEL will also engage educators and all interested persons in creative conversation to develop specific strategies for building a school system that prepares all students for informed and responsible global citizenship. We will also depend on the important input of global educators as CGEL develops plans for future student and professional development programs.

Get Involved:

  • If you’re a DC teacher, join CGEL's Global Educators Network. You will receive Global Alerts and e-newsletters directly to your inbox. To sign up, please fill out the Global Educator Sign Up Form and return by fax or email.
  • Help spread the word about CGEL, and encourage your colleagues to also sign up for our Global Educator Network.
  • For the work ahead, we are looking for a point of contact at each DC public school. We will be looking for these individuals to help us disseminate and collect information about global education. If you think you might be interested in being a Global Coordinator at your school, please contact Sally Schwartz at sally@dc-cgel.org.
  • Make a tax-deductible contribution to CGEL. CGEL does not collect membership dues or charge for its services. We depend on the financial support of those who believe in the importance of our mission.


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