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Who Benefits

Students and Parents:  At all times, students are our primary focus. 

CGEL is dedicated to preparing DC students to become knowledgeable, empowered, self-confident, and globally connected citizens.  Our ultimate goal is to help build a seamless continuum of high-quality, age-appropriate, globally focused classroom and out-of-school educational experiences, available to students across the city, from elementary through senior high graduation.  CGEL will help students and parents understand the reasons why global learning is important for their future success in life and careers.  It will help students learn about and connect with great free or almost free opportunities, and provide much-needed preparation, supports, and follow-up to ensure that students fully benefit from these programs.  Through its work with principals, teachers, and schools, CGEL will promote and help support more engaging global education offered during the school day.  And it will work with partners to develop exciting, new afterschool, summer, and international travel programs for K-12 students. 

Teachers and Principals:  We cannot prepare global students without globally knowledgeable educators. 

CGEL makes it easier for DC educators to learn about and access information and resources that will help them provide their students with a more global education.  CGEL will be a one-stop shop for information on student and educator programs; professional development and networking opportunities; as well as the latest research and best practices.  CGEL will work with DCPS, area schools of education, and other partners to develop a more comprehensive, creative approach to preparing and attracting more globally competent educators for DCPS classrooms.  CGEL will provide a forum for global educators, who often work in isolation, to join with likeminded educators and other professionals to discuss and share their successes, their challenges, ideas, and visions for the future.  These teachers will have the opportunity to work with CGEL to develop and participate in new global education programs for students and educators, and to help shape CGEL’s strategic approach to globalizing K-12 public education in DC.             

Education Leadership:  Globalizing public education in DC requires the commitment of the city’s leaders.

CGEL will bring expertise, resources, commitment, and focus to help DC government and public school leaders effectively respond to the challenge of globalizing K-12 education for the 21st century, and realize the city’s potential to serve as a national model for excellence in global education. CGEL will serve as a consistent external ally and resource to the Chancellor and instructional leaders in DCPS, working to promote a strategic approach to global education which supports the system’s overall plans for improving student achievement.  Through its Partner Collaborative, CGEL will facilitate connections between central administration, schools, and external partners.  And in its role as an information clearinghouse, CGEL will work collaboratively with DCPS to do the work of documenting the state of global education in DC schools, to track its progress over time, to publicize and celebrate its successes, and identify those areas which need improvement.    

Partners:  CGEL promotes more strategic and effective involvement of our city’s global partners. 
Organizations and individuals wishing to offer global education opportunities to DCPS students, educators, and schools will be able to work through CGEL and its Partner Collaborative to more effectively and efficiently meet their objectives.  CGEL will assist with dissemination of information, supporting best practices, and publicizing the importance and results of their efforts.  It will facilitate connections with DCPS, and help familiarize partners with the system’s current policies, protocols, priorities, and culture.  The Partner Collaborative will provide a vehicle for partners to network, communicate, collaborate, coordinate, evaluate, strategize, and develop new initiatives and programs.  Through CGEL, all partners will benefit from our collaborative efforts to raise awareness of the critical importance of global education and world languages for the future of our city’s children.

Employers:  CGEL works to ensure students are prepared for careers in the 21st century globalized economy.

With the involvement of universities and employers, CGEL will work towards developing a pipeline for local students interested in pursuing international careers in both the public and private sectors.  At the same time, it will work through its own programs, with partners, and with DCPS to provide the core global knowledge and competencies necessary for success in any 21st century career – including cross cultural skills, strong oral and written communication, proficiency in a second language, familiarity with technology, and problem solving skills.  More globally prepared DC students will lay the foundation for a more globally prepared workforce for careers in the globalized economy – whether in Washington, DC or elsewhere.  At a time when many public and private sector employers recognize the importance of diversifying the workforce, and in particular addressing the underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities in internationally oriented careers, CGEL will work to increase the number of college ready, globally competent African American and Latino students, who represent about 90% of DCPS students.

Funders:  CGEL works for a more strategic, equitable, and sustainable use of global education resources.

At present, global education in DC, whether delivered by schools or by outside providers, tends to be fragmented, episodic, discontinuous, and inequitably available.  CGEL will play an important role in helping to maximize the use of limited resources through better coordination and collaboration, and development of a strategic framework within which external partners may choose to operate.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, CGEL will raise and receive funds in support of expanded global education for DCPS at a time when public dollars dedicated global education are almost non-existent.  

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