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About Overview

Our Vision

In the 21st century all students will need to graduate from high school with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experiences that will prepare them to successfully compete and participate in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world.  We believe that the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), building on its internal assets and experience, and taking full advantage of the city’s unique international resources, can and should become a national model for the delivery of high quality, systemic PK-12 global education in an urban school district.

Our View of Global Education

We regard global education as teaching that equips students with the global knowledge and competencies that will prepare them to become responsible and productive members of a global society.  Global education is not a subject, but rather a perspective or prism through which teachers teach and students learn.  As such, it is multidisciplinary and incorporates international studies, intercultural or multicultural education, and world languages, as well as technology, leadership skills, problem solving, character education, conflict resolution, and peace education.  Global awareness and understanding can no longer be viewed as a luxury or supplement to the core curriculum, or as a set of isolated, extracurricular experiences for a select group of privileged or academically advanced students.  Instead, global education must be embedded in all grades and all subjects for all students. It must be relevant to their lives, and designed to help them understand their place in the wider world, their connection to it, and their power to contribute to making their world a better place.

Our Mission

The DC Center for Global Education and Leadership (CGEL) promotes high-quality, systemic global education in DCPS to ensure that all students, regardless of income or social background, are prepared for responsible global citizenship in the 21st century.

Our Role

  • CGEL will serve as a clearinghouse for information on global education opportunities, resources, and best practices for DC educators and students.
  • CGEL will work with city officials, education leadership, and individual schools to promote and support the implementation of systemic global education initiatives and reform efforts.
  • CGEL will establish challenging and innovative programs, including international travel, which enhance and support existing programs within and outside DCPS.
  • CGEL will mobilize external resources through the development of strategic partnerships with international organizations, public agencies, embassies, universities, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations to support these efforts.
  • CGEL will serve as a global education hub, facilitating the connection between external partners providing global education opportunities and programs, and the school system, with the goal of improving the efficiency, efficacy, and accessibility of these services to DCPS students and educators.
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